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MMA Untold Podcast

Oct 27, 2018

Tim and Taylor are left alone to run the show, so naturally they derail the whole thing to talk about the classic 1978 film, Halloween. Part untold, part questionable decisions, the guys cover little known facts surrounding the film, as well as give their top five favorite horror movies of all time. 


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Oct 13, 2018

The guys rush to the studio to make sense of UFC 229.

What should fans make of the madness following the main event? Who should Khabib fight next? Does Conor have a chance to ever beat the eagle? Does Black Beast deserve a shot at Cormier? What upcoming fight are you most excited about?

Zach returns to the show to help...

Oct 3, 2018

Matt Riddle is widely known as “The King of Bros,” a fan-favorite on the independent wrestling scene, and prospective star of the WWE. But few know Matt Riddle, the up and coming, highly entertaining fighter for the UFC.


From pissing blood to make weight, to being fired after a four fight win streak, learn how a...